​​You're engaged!  Now what?  Finding your perfect wedding venue is the very next step after the engagement   It's where it all begins!   Here are some steps to help you guide you along the way.

Be Open to Exploration:

Begin your journey to find the perfect venue as open-minded as possible.  For outdoor weddings, plenty of space, landscaping, trees, open fields, and water views can all take your breath away.   Who knows, you may fall in love with a space that is even better than you envisioned or imagined.

Create a budget - and some wiggleroom

Knowing what your budget is and some items that may be forgotten, removed or changed - have a 5-10% contingency plan in your budget that allows for unforeseen expenses.  Planning your wedding during the off season months may also give you a great discount at venues.

Choose your top three (3) venues

Every venue is unique.  Take a look at all the website and social media photography as you will not be able to tour a venue when an actual wedding is taking place.  Make a list of all three venues, with the pros, cons, what's included, costs and what you liked most about it.   Looking at your list will help you envision what is your favorite.

What do you absolutely want to have at your venue

What is your must-have at your wedding?  Food, music, being outside, relaxed atmosphere, accommodations.   You and your fiance' together should decide what aspect is most important to the two of you.

Enjoy the engagement and wedding planning process

Planning your wedding will be a lot of fun and very stressful. You're attitude will depend on you.   Make it the time of your life......celebrate and focus on your love as you plan the most exciting party you will ever throw.  

​​​Meet your ​ Whispering Pine Plantation

Wedding & Event Venue Coordinator & Local Artist

Amelia Resident - Annmarie Hysler

From small events, to trips, weddings and grand-scale coordination of the 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular Show in Rancho Santa Margarita, California that invited over 20,000 people, Annmarie has 25 years experience in event planning.  All Whispering Pine Plantation weddings and events are coordinated through her.  She will provide you with professional assistance with your wedding event planning and execution.  She will also be a resource for information, questions and coordination for the day of your wedding.   On event days, Tyrone, Annmarie and the Whispering Pine staff will ensure that you will not have to worry about anything except what you came to celebrate!


Whispering Pine Plantation



Purpose: To provide a beautiful outdoor wedding and event venue  for our guests to enjoy the most important and memorable day and events of their lives.

Core Values: Honesty, integrity, creativity and excellent customer service.

​Giving Back: The Ashman family is dedicated to giving back to the community 10% of the proceeds to local community churches through donations, requests and to give back to those in need.

Tyrone E. Ashman, Owner and Operator

Lifelong Amelia resident and local businessman

in transportation, farming and custom home

builder.  The Whispering Pine home was

built in 2008 and the Ashman family is proud

to share their beautiful home with guests

to enjoy its beauty and tranquility for

their special day.